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Our Club is the only one approved and recognized Epagneul Breton Club in Cyprus by Cyprus Kennel Club. The Club has been officially founded in 1998 by some lovers of this unique breed which is of course Εpagneul Breton. We said «officially» because bretonists were well organized and active as group almost ten years before the filling of the petition at the Ministry of Interior so as to take permission as a Club.  

The first elected president of the Club was Mr Grigoris Ioannides, after was Mr Iordanis Hadjigeorgiou  and now Mr Petros A. Michael.

Although we are in an island and the difficulties to travel abroad for Field Trials or other activities are many and much more comparing with the other European Teams the Boards of our Club in the last years achieved to take part with Epagneul Bretons as  National Team or individually in Field Trials as in France, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Italy and Greece with excellent results so as now we are proud that we are well known and we have many friends and connections abroad with bretonists.

Also the last few years some members of our Club imported epagneul bretons which are in the highest level of morphology and fully competent in Field Trials so as to improve the breed as much as they can and to create the “perfect epagneul breton” because THIS breed deserves everything.

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