A Journey to Cyprus from Regis Toulet

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With pleasure i accepted the invitation from the President of the Epaniel Breton Club of Cyprus to judge the 6th National Dog Competition in Nicosia from the                           8 -11/02/2008.

Cyprus an island which is not far from Lebanon- Israel seaside presents different kinds of vegetation. Around Nicosia the capital, there is a big part without a vegetation extent and it’s very dry this year because of drought which is a big problem. West we find a mountain – range with top of the head Troodos still white from the snow this time of the year and which Cypriots are coming to enjoy the ski activity. 

C.E.B in Cyprus is new not only because of its establishment but also from the age range of all the members of the committee, which is no more than 40 years old. The President Petros A. Michael and his committee, they welcome me with politeness. I met one strong team which is willing and mainly wants to do everything correct. I have as prove all the questions they have asked me during Saturday’s dinner which I have been asked to explain important notes of Bretons morphology.

Dogs in Cyprus are mainly from Italy and maybe from Serbia. After a strong conversation I reminded them that the provenance of a Breton is French and it’s an honour to search from time to time to the source. 

Sunday was dedicated to the 6th National Dog Show. About 20 dogs appeared. In general the level it was excellent with the typical heads and the weakest point on the bones of the croups and its something that I have mentioned. The leader dogs of each category stand out without any problem in our National Competitions. At the end of the show they presented to me the pedigrees of males and females of the best breed and I’ve noticed that the dogs with the French blood the inheritance was recently (parents and grandparents) which was a thing that supported my previous explanations.

During the conversations I explained to them the importance that we give in hip dysplasia and I think I convinced the Cypriot friends to show the same understanding. They gave their word to keep me informed for the progress on their work on this subject.

Sonia, our translator which she is also a judge in other breed (Rottweiller) explained that Cyprus Kennel Club recognised two specific vets in Germany and to have valid certificates they have to attend to them.

You will meet few members of the Cyprus Club in the next big meetings in France because they promised to visit us and you will be able to enjoy their companion and the passion they have for our Bretons.

I thank them for the incredible staying and I’m looking forward to meet them again.

Régis Toulet (France) Morphology Judge

 This article has been published in the 98th edition of the magazine “L’Epagneul Breton”    of C.E.B. France.

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