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Decisions of the Committee for Continental Pointers in Osuna, Spain
on the 18/02/09.

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you about the content of the meeting of representatives of the countries - members of Committee for Continental Pointers that this year took place in Osuna of Spain on 18/02/09.

1. The Committee agreed in the modification of regulations with regard to the participation of attendance in the European Championship of Continental Pointers and countries except Europe without however any change in respect of the name of the Championship which remains “SPRING EUROPEAN CUP FOR CONTINENTAL POINTERS”. This year became accepted before the modification of regulations the participation of America with 2 epaniel breton.

2. The Committee observed that in the C.A.C.I.T.s that have been organized the number of dogs that took part it amounted in the 300 roughly, number which is considered increased concerning previous years.

3.  In 2010 the European Championship for Continental Pointers will take place in March and the organizing country will be France. The judges for the Championship will come from Spain, France and Croatia.

4. The European Championship for Continental Pointers will be carried out in 2011 in Holland, in 2012 in Croatia and in 2013 in Serbia.

5.  It was intensely discussed the proposal of representative of Italy Mr G. Passini whether it will be counted regularly the point on hare, without however the dog be awarded more from first excellent, that is to say in no case take C.A.C.T.. This proposal was rejected by the Committee.

6.  It was discussed the delay from the F.C.I to send the titles that are granted to the dogs. Assurances were given from Mr De Clerk to   Mr A. Fernantez that the processes will be accelerated in the very near future.

Finishing I would like to thank the President of Cyprus Kennel Club Mr Irodoto Neofytou for the eagerness and his consent to give me authority to represent the Cyprus Kennel Club in a such an important meeting of the Committee Continental Pointers as it is well known that the Committee takes very important decisions, if not all, which concern the continental pointers and our presence each year is more than indispensable.

Petros A. Michael
President O.E.M.K.

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